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At West Pacific Pizza of Gladewater, Texas, our team does everything possible to make your dining experience amazing. From delicious food to a fun, family atmosphere, you are sure to love our pizza parlor. Check out the following testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers.

"West Pacific Love :). Love this place. Their pizzas are so much better than Pizza Hut™.

I particularly love the Mexican Pizza they have. Every time I call they are so nice, and the drivers are too.

Definitely recommend them."
—™ Review

"Our family loves the food and atmosphere @ West Pacific Pizza!!! We rarely eat pizza anywhere else! The food is always great, and the service is very personable. It is awesome when you have the owner come to your table to ask if everything is how you ordered/wanted it and if you need anything. Our children wish we would go more often!"
— Facebook Review

"Eat there almost every week. West Pacific has done everything they possibly can to meet my gluten free dietary needs. When asked they agreed to start making GF pizzas. It was a learning process for them, and each week the owner checks with me personally to make sure it was good and looks for ways to continually make it better. I so appreciate all they have done to enable me to enjoy our Friday family night pizza ritual." 
Facebook Review

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